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INN Individual Membership

An extensive two-year personal membership serving the varied social and emotional needs of both the working expatriate and the accompanying family.

For detailed information on this membership, take a closer look below:

What does it include?

For the employee:

  • Support
  • Dual Career & Partner Support Programme
  • One-day «Welcome to Norway» seminar incl. welcome package
    • A practical introduction to living and working in Norway and Oslo (included)
  • Network
  • 10-12 events per year, both social and professional
  • Weekend Suggestions, sent every Thursday
  • Culture Clues, sent quarterly (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

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Relocating to a new country means new opportunities. We aim to help the assignee and their family to recreate a new network here in Norway.

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Welcome to Norway Seminar

Sign up your employee for the «Welcome to Norway» Seminar. A one-day practical introduction to living and working in Norway and Mjøsa region.

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Dual Career & Partner Support Programme

A program designed to ensure that the accompanying partner makes the best of their expatriation to Norway.

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Arriving in a new country with a different culture, language and traditions can sometimes present challenges.

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