Hopp til hovedinnhold

Education - early years to lifelong learning

In the Gjøvik region, education is highly valued, and families have access to a wide selection of schools and kindergartens.

For families with young children, the region offers plenty of kindergartens and childcare opportunities, both municipal and private. Kindergartens in the Gjøvik region focus a lot on play and outdoor activities, fostering social, emotional, and cognitive development.

As children transition to primary and secondary education, families can choose from a variety of public and private schools that offer comprehensive and well-rounded education programs. There are options to suit every need within the region.

Gjøvikregionen International School (GIS) is a good option for those seeking international education. GIS is an IB school that offers a diverse and inclusive learning environment for students from around the world. Located in the heart of the Gjøvik region, GIS provides a comprehensive international curriculum taught in English and an international learning community.

The Gjøvik region also offers university and higher vocational education, providing opportunities for further education and skill development. A broad range of programs and courses are available to support your academic and career goals, whether you are interested in pursuing technical and vocational training or seeking a higher education degree.

The region benefits from the presence of a world-class educational institution in NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Renowned for its excellence in engineering, technology, and research, NTNU offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for academic and professional development. NTNU has over 40 000 students split between Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund. The NTNU campus in Gjøvik has 4000 students.

Collaborating closely with research institutes like SINTEF Manufacturing, NTNU in Gjøvik provides students with hands-on experience and knowledge, preparing them for careers in various fields, including engineering, cyber security, economics and graphical design.

The Gjøvik region also plays a significant role in educating the next generation of healthcare professionals, with the NTNU Gjøvik campus offering programs in nursing and medicine.

Also located in Gjøvik, Fagskolen Innlandet provides higher vocational education, currently for around 2000 students.

With these institutions at the forefront, the region also fosters lifelong learning opportunities, allowing individuals to continue their education and skill enhancement throughout their lives.